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I’m a complete and total sucker for a good bit of marketing.

Really, I’m ridiculous, my family all tease me about it – I’m a big corporation’s marketing department’s dream. You could show me the most ridiculous, rubbish product that has completely incredible branding and packaging, and I’d fall in love with it. But show me the best product in the world wrapped up in a poor package with no brand identity, and I wouldn’t look twice at it. I’m totally aware of how absurd that sounds, and I know I’m an extreme example – but that’s what marketing does to people, and the power of a brand just fascinates me.

I started my business as a photographer. I loved, and still love that job. But I found myself wanting to rush through my editing so that I could focus on my marketing and branding. I would sit with my children in kids classes & be rebranding the company running the activities in my head. Friends would mention business ideas and my mind would run away with colour schemes and fonts and cute logo ideas. I love photography, but I adore marketing.

After I offered to help a close friend with her social media branding for a super new product she had invented, she took me out for coffee and told me I needed to pursue marketing as a career. I love By Bethany Photography and didn’t want to let my little business go, so I decided to think it over until my son started pre-school and then look at expanding By Bethany into marketing and branding too. In September 2016 I made the jump and so proud to have added By Bethany Marketing to my tiny little business baby.