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If I could rebrand By Bethany every day, I would. But breaking the number one rule of marketing (Always Be Consistent) probably wouldn’t be the best way to market my marketing business to the clients I’m marketing to, who want their product or business marketed. Lost yet? Me too!! The point is this. I can’t rebrand my business every day, so I decided to rebrand or brand other gorgeous businesses instead. Best. Job. Ever.

You could have the best business model, or have designed the most incredible product, but if it’s not marketed well, it’s not going to sell. Your branding needs to do two things. It needs to attract the type of client you want to sell it to, and it needs to repel the type of client that you don’t want to sell to or work with.

I spend a huge amount of time discussing your business and your ideal client with you, so that I can ensure the brand ideas I come up with reflect your business perfectly. I’ll produce 3-5 totally different Logo ideas, and once we have perfected the Logo we will build your brand – social media headers, business cards, flyers, price lists…until your business is ready to fly the nest with a beautiful little pink bow tied around it’s perfectly branded neck.

Full Re-brand

A full, brand new business brand is £350

Full Re-brand inc. Photography

A full business brand with product or business photography included is £800

Social Media Brand

A social media brand including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is £150

Logos, Headers, Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, Programmes for Dance Schools etc are all available a la carte. Please just contact me for details.


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BIBaDO is an inredible product, unique to the market and a fantastic way to solve messy meal-times. We were thrilled to help them with their product and publicity photos, and with their social media …

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Beauty by Suzannah

Suzannah needed a complete re-brand when she came to us at By Bethany. As is common with start up businesses, Suzannah had created her own marketing products, but found they were not reaching her targ…

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