Hi, I’m Beth

I’m married to Ben, who is a super talented carpenter, and cricketer, and the kindest man I know. 

I have the best two children that have ever graced the planet. Eva is my beautiful eight year old ballerina who thinks she is an adult, and Elijah is my five year old bundle of happiness who loves being a rockstar and Mary Poppins!

Musical Theatre is my first favourite non-human thing in the world. If you ask me a question, nine times out of ten I’ll be singing the answer through a relevant show tune in my head. Unless your my husband or kids…then I’ll be singing the answer to your face, and possibly jumping on the kitchen table for the inevitable key change… 

As a family, we are currently renovating our home. A beautiful old cottage that started life as an old bakery. Designing our own home is my absolute joy.

Party planning is my favourite pass time. I take a theme and I run with it. I run really, really far with it. My parties are ridiculous, and I’m okay with that. 

I have a lovely little King Charles Spaniel called Toto. He came from somewhere over the rainbow. 

I’m an unashamed girlie girl. I like pink, and lace, and dresses, and tulle, and make up, and shoes…but I love throwing on my wellies and going for a stroll through the woods just as much.